MOT Bloggers Club September 2022

Why am I learning about it?

While “everyday is a school day”, I’ve been looking at a couple of things recently. Some more for what we’re working on right now, and some looking forward.


One of our third party integrations uses GraphQL to provide different API functionality, to their REST API. This is a new area to the whole team, so there’s been lots of experimentation, and generally figuring stuff out. Due to some leave (which was great), I missed out on some of this early learning, so need to catch up.

Prof profiling with performance testing

We’re making changes to a core Go component, and we’re focussed on understanding the performance impact of our changes. For this we’re taking traces from the application and analyzing them with Pprof. To see how it all behaves under different circumstances, I’m generating different load with Gatling. This focus on performance and experiments is very exciting, and addictive.

Contract testing

As I’ve already mentioned we work with third parties, generally through REST APIs. I’ve had a “TODO” on my own list for a long time to get a better understanding of how we could use Contract testing in our team. I’ve gathered a couple of things I want to checkout. Which can be hard, as it’s often tool focussed.

So far: