I worked as a Test Engineer with BJSS Exeter. Embedded in a blended delivery team with our client.

I’ve started speaking at community events, as another thing to help me grow. You can watch my talk on writing if you are curious.

I’ve worked heavily in technical testing; writing automation, developing standards, maintaining useful artefacts (test skeletons, internal test guides, etc). I love to learn new things and share that with other people.

I’m comfortable working with; version control, Docker, CICD, cloud infrastructure and microservices to name a few things.


I worked as a Senior SDET with Brightpearl, embedded in a delivery team, and working with the SDET guild (community of practice).

I worked in the UK Civil Service at HM Land Registry(HMLR), as a test engineer and manager. Primarily working on agile teams delivering web-based citizen, professional, and internal facing services.

I was a core member of the HMLR test community, participating in and leading our regular community events and training. I represented the testing practice at “community of communities” events, where people from the different practices at HMLR came together to share ideas.

I’ve spoken at cross government testing events, and mentored someone from another department.

Where I’m looking to grow

In short, I want to keep improving my testing and technical skills. I’m open to opportunities where we can learn from each other.

Some areas include:

  • Programming
  • Security
  • Performance
  • CICD

What I bring

I am a quick learner, enjoy learning new things, and sharing that with other people. I’ve worked in different domains and organisations. I’m a advocate for communities, and keen to develop them where I can.

I’m passionate about developing high quality software for our users. This includes putting a focus on accessibility early in the journey, and keeping it as a primary focus.

Contact me

I’m more than happy to speak to other people, and you can reach me in a few places.