This week marks the end of my five and a half years working with HM Land Registry(HMLR). During that time, I’ve worked as a junior consultant, test analyst, and test wizard manager. I’ve been lucky to work with a diverse range of talented people across different teams and practices. Unsurprisingly I’ll miss the great people. Both at HMLR and other departments.

I’ve worked with many of the teams / projects in some capacity. Whether that’s been as part of the team or working with people through the community. To say I’ve learned a lot from you would be a huge understatement.

My heartfelt thanks to everyone who has helped me over the years. Your expertise and guidance were (and still are) invaluable. I’ve been in a place to repay that kindness to some people directly. Or pay it forward through the communities.

I’ve already covered my thoughts on the testing community in more detail. The communities of practice and interest at HMLR are great places to collaborate. It’s been a privilege to contribute and see them evolve.

Best of luck to you all. I’ve no doubt you’ll all do great things as people, and as an organisation.

A couple of highlights

  • Working on the LLC programme from Alpha to Private Beta.
  • Speaking about accessibility at a cross gov testing meetup. And cross government work in general.
  • All the communities!
  • Learning from and teaching people over the years.
  • Helping people as a line manager.
  • Seeing different people progress in their careers.

Take care